Our Business

In general, we devide our business into two sectors: Content and Services. In the Content sector, Berlian Entertainment is full of experience in promoting entertainment events since 2009. We held not just concerts or other events, but with a creative concept for public pleasure. We also play our role as a consultant to help other parties organize their own events.
Berlian Entertainment expanding business to Event Services in 2012. This departement is in charge for corporate events such as consumers loyalty program and also other corporate events for internals. Like we create content events, we also put our best on creativity to organize out of the box events for our clients.



We organize the business of marketing and promoting live events like concerts, festivals, raves, movies and sports events.


We have specialist skills and knowledge to teach, motivate and develop strategies on entertainment event business to help other parties organize their own events.



On ground events as the process of making the client’s brand known to people by increasing awareness and engagement through some kind of brand experience.


In celebrating the recognition of the excellences, an awarding events need to be organize by a highly experience event organizer like us.


We organize an assembly or a meeting to bring together people on a brilliant event for any particular purposes.


We help our client to have a more lively and unforgettable anniversary.


An organised presentation and display of a selection of items that people notice or admire.


We organize event to celebrate the debut of something new from our clients.