About Us

Established in 2009, Berlian Entertainment builds a dream to be one of the biggest entertainment event company in Indonesia. It started its appearance in event industry as a promoter. The presence of Berlian Entertainment in the business marked by the most anticipated outdoor rave event Godskitchen (Armin van Buuren) in 2009, followed by the succesful concert of David Foster and Justin Bieber sold out concert in the next year which made Berlian Entertainment one of the most talk of the town promoter in Indonesia.

Berlian Entertainment also known as event consultant for several events, one of the first events was Onrop! Musikal directed by Joko Anwar in 2010. Two years later, we took a big leap by expanding business to Event Service. It’s a departement in charge for corporate event, which in our case it is not only for consumers loyalty kind of event, but also corporate event for internals.

What makes us different is that we dare to break the line to create something outside the box. Berlian Entertainment has proven this by organizing several brilliant events. Berlian Entertainment break the boundaries on a record-breaking Noah Concert in 5 countries from 2 continents on a single day. We also pioneered the first live movie scoring in Indonesia for the film ‘Mantan Terindah’ and ‘I’m Hope’. And as event organizer, Berlian Entertainment has made a brilliant Independence Day Run event which combine a race run with an air show.

This achievements strengthen Berlian Entertainment’s position and as it keeps growing, our vision is to be the leader in entertainment event business in Indonesia.